• FREE Sample. Pay if Happy.
  • FREE Sample. Pay if Happy.

Replacement P60: Get Your Free Sample Now


If you need a paper version of your online e-P60 or have lost documents. Create a Replacement P60 and receive a high quality PDF copy in minutes. Optional matching payroll stationery delivered by post.


Fast 30 minute service and a free sample before you buy. All  purchases covered by a full refund guarantee. P60 certificates for pay years 2010 - 2020. Free UK shipping & no hidden fees.




Replacement P60 Styles & Prices


Image of the P60 Price List for 2020

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 ORANGE PORTRAIT STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange  BLUE PORTRAIT STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue  SECURITY MAILER STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style 

 BLUE LANDSCAPE STYLEImage of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout 

Solving the lost p60 document problem since the 90’s.


It’s recommended you keep your P60 for at least 5 years. Many people don’t. It’s common to be asked for your P60 to find you have no idea where it is.


We started our replacement service while running company payroll. Customers would ask if we could run another for an employee who had lost theirs. Word spread and we soon started providing copies for employees of other companies.


We hold stock of genuine stationery from each season and set our systems to use all the old pay tables for each pay year. Most employer software can only provide the most recent copy and many payroll departments advise staff to use our website.


See your P60 before you commit, then pay later.


Our business comes mostly from customer recommendation so we’re very confident. You can create a sample P60 without making payment. We email copies and if you're happy you make payment then we post printed documents. We like to keep it simple.


If your payroll department has supplied figures they can be used or we can work everything out from pay received. It is quite easy and takes just minutes to order.


If you do make a mistake that’s OK, you can make unlimited changes even if you already purchased items. Our refund policy guarantees you'll be happy with our products or you can get an immediate refund.




Replacement P60 explained


What is a P60

The P60 is a summary of earnings. Plus deductions for tax & national insurance under the PAYE (pay as you earn) system. Showing your salary paid up to the end of the pay year on Apr 5th. It includes any maternity pay and student loan deductions. It should match the year to date figures on your last payslip before the payroll year end.


They used to be multi-copy paper documents, part for the employee, one kept on file, and another sent to HMRC. Electronic transfer now means you may not get a paper copy P60.


When you get a P60

The employer you work for on Apr 5th should provide a P60 by the end of May covering the 12 months to Apr 5th. It may include previous salary and tax carried forward from your P45 if you changed jobs.


When you might need your P60

You’re likely to need your P60 as part of a mortgage or rental application. Student finance or other loan requests. If you need to apply for tax credits, or claim back overpaid tax.


It’s an important component. Proving you have employment and earnings as part of an affordability check. Usually in conjunction with other supporting documents.


P60 online documents

Many organisations have moved to online payroll platforms. Employees get a secure login to view and print their payslips and pay summaries. There are times this isn’t convenient, and printed  stationery is the only option.


See also: Your P60 Explained (Document Breakdown).


Replacing a lost P60

It’s common to need your P60 copy only to find you can’t remember where it is. Your employer should be able to help you. That might be a photocopy or printout. Unless they kept old forms. Layouts change and most styles are pre-printed with the year end date each year.


Problems can also occur if you no longer work for the company, or they ceased trading. You can apply to HMRC for a statement to confirm your earnings but it can take a while to receive this.


If those options aren’t for you, don't worry. You can re-create a replacement P60 from standard payroll information. Our software will calculate what your deductions based on your salary. You receive a high quality PDF copy by email. Plus the option of printed documents on genuine P60 stationery.


How to get a copy P60


  • Choose which style you need. Orange portrait format is now the most common.
  • Enter your pay information via our online payroll application.
  • Check your mailbox for PDF copies which takes less than 30 minutes during office hours. If you make an error you can correct them free of charge.
  • If printed copies are required they will be delivered by Royal Mail usually the following day.


Link to video of how to order a P60 document

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