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Replacement P60 Essential Information for 2019


A P60 Certificate can be required where you need to prove employment or your income summary for the year. It is important to keep it safe as an employer will not easily be able to provide a duplicate if lost or damaged. More recently companies supply staff with electronic copies of pay documents accessed online. These may be printed off, but are not usually on the official forms. Self printed electronic P60 certificates are fine but many organisations still prefer to see the information on traditional forms.


Your employer is obliged to provide a P60 Certificate shortly after the payroll year end which runs April 6th until April 5th the following year. Usually it would come alongside your first payslip after April 6th, but could be any time between then and May 31st. If employment changed during the period you may well receive P60 forms from each company each covering the part year worked. If you gave the new employer your P45 form from the last job, your current P60 may include also a summary of previous earnings and tax paid which is carried forward.


Image of a Replacement P60 in Landscape Format for 2019


1 x Payslip      (£10.00) (£5.00)

2 x Payslips    (£19.00) (£9.50)

3 x Payslips    (£25.00) (£12.5)

4 x Payslips    (£30.00) (£15.00)

Extra payslips just £2.00 each (£1.00)


P60 Documents - £30.00 each (£15.00)

Years: 2010 to 2019


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If asked for a P60 that you don't have, check if an 'Earnings Statement' from your employer would be acceptable as an alternative. This is usually a signed letter by a director on company letterhead, detailing earnings and deductions in lieu of the P60 document. Many institutions will accept this if they can verify with a phone call to the company. The employer does not have to do this (unless they never gave you a P60), and it may not always be an option if you no longer work there, or the company has ceased to trade.


Where a Replacement P60 Certificate is needed, this can be created using special payroll software and the correct documents. There's a new printed form authorised by HMRC each time, with the year printed at the top. With the correct documents and the payroll calculation data for any given period, creating the replacement P60 is straightforward.


Blank forms are usually printed in bulk by payroll software or stationery providers using the 'authorised' layout and information needed on the P60. While details can change the layout typically remains very similar. As each form is pre-printed with each year, they are normally run as a batch prior to April without further reprint. Whether you can replace older documents is largely dependent on if there are forms still available for the year required.


Surprisingly the P60 is not a single design. There are four (or more) common types issued. Which one your employer issued is often dependent on the type of payroll system used at the time. Many workers will be familiar with the Blue 'Landscape' format P60 which has been around the longest. This used to be the style of the multi part forms issued by HMRC. Now they are single part documents for use in laser printers, but still retain the traditional design from before. In the last ten years, the Orange (& Blue) portrait style has also become very popular. These documents account for the majority of P60 Certificates issued each year, although the 'tear open' sealed security mailer is still used widely by some employers.



Information Required to Order a Replacement P60

Even without your original document, creating the replacement P60 is quite easy with the right information, most of which can be taken from a payslip. The key items are the pay amount either before or after deductions, whether you had a non standard tax code, and if you worked the full year. With that information the deductions for tax and national insurance contributions can be calculated. The information can be transferred directly from email copies or entered on screen when placing an order. Below is what you need to know.


Employee Name: This should be written in full, including middle names.


Home Address: Full employee home address at the time the P60 was issued.


NI (National Insurance) Number: This would normally be shown on all documents. You can get this from any payslip, older P60 or tax notification from HMRC.


Tax Code: This is required on all documents. If you don't know, it is very likely the standard tax code. If you had paid too little or too much tax in the past you may have a special code assigned by HMRC. If this is a second job and your tax allowance is used up by your main employment your code will likely be 'BR' or possibly 'D0' if you pay higher rate.


Job Start Date: The new pay year starts every April 6th. Year to date figures are calculated from this point. If you started work after the start date, you need to provide that so it can be calculated correctly. If you were working for the employer before April 6th, the start date is not required.


Company Name: Essential for all documents. If a limited company show that. If working for a private individual show that.


Company Address: This will be the place of work or head office if working for a larger organisation.


Work ID: Sometimes known as Payroll Number, Employee ID, or other. This is optional as not every company uses one.


Pay Period: Are you paid Weekly, every Two Weeks, Four Weeks, Monthly or have other arrangements.


Pay Amount: The yearly salary or the amount paid each week, month, etc. From the pay amount and tax code all the deductions can be calculated.


Gender: No longer required from 2017 but older P60 documents need to show if the employee is Male or Female.


PAYE Ref: This is the reference number your company uses to identify with HMRC. You can find this on any other P60. If not sure you could ask your employer or another member of staff to look it up from their documents.


Extra: Any information such as Student Loan deduction, Sick or Maternity Pay.


When complete you will receive a printed P60 on the correct form, which will detail a breakdown of the wage paid during the year including national insurance contributions, maternity pay, student loan, salary, income tax paid and final tax code as your original document would have. You normally receive an email PDF full colour copy with our notification of despatch, and the printed document is posted by Royal Mail.


It's Quick & Easy to place your order. We supply Genuine P60 Documents and have stock going back ten Years. We're very professional and have been involved in payroll for 30 years. During office hours we will normally confirm your order within an hour, often 15 minutes or less. We post First Class and they usually arrive the following day.



Replacement P60 Questions


Which Style Should I Choose? - You could go for which most closely matches what your employer used in the past. If you don't know then I would suggest the Orange Portait style as it is the lowest cost at £20.00 but is very commonly used in the payroll industry.


Will You Check Details With My Employer or HMRC? - No we cant do that. We rely on the information you supply to calculate your documents. As long as your information is correct everything will be calculated correctly. We use standard government formulas for the deduction of allowances, pensions, tax, national insurance, etc. As long as you can tell us how much salary you received we can work out correctly what your P60 would show.


Are Replacement P60 Forms Genuine Documents? - We use only the highest quality pay documents as used widely in the payroll industry. We use the same forms that we run weekly & monthly payroll for our business clients.


Can I Just Get a Scanned Copy P60? - If you want an electronic PDF only, you can get a 30% discount using the code 'PDFONLY' on checkout. If you need us to Print the document first then scan it to send across, we can do that too, but we post them out free so you might as well have them. Most organisations need to see the printed copy, or you might need it in the future.


Will This Be Accepted as Proof of Income? - There is no reason why they would not. They are exactly as the document provided by your employer. In all our years providing P60 documents we have never had a customer tell us they had a problem.


Do Forms Say They Are Replacements or Duplicates? - If you want us to add that information let us know when ordering and we can add to the bottom of the forms.


I Have More Than One Job, Does This Matter? - If this is a secondary job you would not have the same allowances for tax / national insurance. You would normally have a ‘BR’ tax code if a basic rate taxpayer, or a D0 code if you pay a higher rate of tax.


Can You Send Overseas? - Yes. We regularly do to many countries although they do take a little longer to arrive.


I Get Paid in a Different Currency, Does That Matter? - Yes. We only calculate payroll based on UK tax rules and in GBP sterling.


Can I Get Fake P60 Documents? - If you mean provide false information, we advise that you don't. We cant check your information and forms will be calculated correctly. However if using for proof of income or that you have a job, you will need supporting information such as bank statements and probably an employer check, so are wasting your time and may get in serious trouble.


How Long Will It Take? - Ordering items take less than 5 minutes. Then we process your order in about 30 minutes. We say an hour but that is just to cover busy times, we're mostly much quicker. You will receive notification of despatch with your PDF electronic copies. We then post the same day. Usually they arrive the following day.


How Do I Order? - Simply choose the document style you prefer. Then on checkout answer the pay questions detailed above and make payment. You can pay by Credit or Debit Card via PayPal as a payment gateway (no need for a PayPal account), or you can pay cash or bank transfer via any branch of the Halifax Bank.


Will You Price Match Another Supplier? - No. We take the time to ensure your P60 documents are accurate and produced correctly. We charge a fair amount for professionally trained staff to ensure you're not disappointed.






P60 Landscape Style

Image of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout

P60 Portrait Styles

Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue Image of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style

Payslip Styles

Image of the Standard Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A1 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A2 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement Payslip Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Blue Small Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orange Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Green Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in Blue

Security Payslips Style

Image of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.

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Image of a Replacement P60 in Landscape Format for 2019