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The smart choice for small business payroll and replacement payslips


If you need pay documents for casual staff or require printed copies of e-payslips on genuine payroll stationery, we have you covered.



Quick and easy, you’ll breeze through creating documents in minutes. We leverage technology to  provide the lowest prices with no hidden extras. A free sample and our ‘No Questions Asked’ refund guarantee mean your purchase is risk free!





A wide choice of payslip styles


Standard style payslips - The common feature is they do not include the employee home address, although they can include the full company details. They are very popular and have been around for many years and are a very recognisable payslip. Click any thumbnail for a detailed image.


Image of the Standard Style Replacement PayslipStandard STYLE Image of the Sage A1 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A1 Image of the Sage A2 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A2Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A3


Plus & Prime style payslips - Both are larger documents that do include space for the full home address of the employee. The company address is limited in space on the plus style and is better abbreviated or just the name. Prime style can accommodate both.


Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in BluePrime Blue Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Greenprime green Small Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orangeprime orange PLUS GREEN Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in BluePLUS BLUE


Security style payslipsTear open mailers made from a thicker card material with a plastic see through window for the address to show. Image of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.SECURITY MAILER

P60 document formats


The common feature is they do not include the employee home address, although they can include the full company details. They are very popular and have been around for many years and are a very recognisable payslip. Click any thumbnail for a detailed image.



 BLUE LANDSCAPE STYLEImage of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout

 ORANGE PORTRAIT STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange BLUE PORTRAIT STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue SECURITY MAILER STYLEImage of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style



How our replacement payslip P60 system works

We’ve been doing this a long time. At one time we had a team of people processing email, telephone and snail mail orders. Payment could be made online, bank transfer, over the phone, or even  at the counter of a local bank branch.


Some might say it was better. It was certainly more costly and prone to potential errors from conversational misunderstandings. If we operated the same way today we would certainly have to charge higher prices.


Technology has enabled us over time to streamline our business, providing better quality documents and a faster service, while maintaining a competitive edge.


Our self-service platform lets users create their own copy payslips or P60 and automatically generate PDF copies, then order printed stationery. Our algorithms calculate the correct payroll deductions for any date in the last 10 years, so not only can you create current documentation, but replace old items that may have lost or misplaced. Backdated payslips can be recovered.


Many styles of P60 are printed each year with a fixed date for that year end for example Apr 5th 2019. Once stock of those documents are depleted it can be difficult to get printed copies for older years. We purchase bulk stocks for each and currently hold the popular styles for the past 10 payroll years. Your printed documents will match the PDF copy with the corresponding stationery.


Simple or detailed payslips the choice is yours

Quick and simple to generate wage slips or year end summaries using the platform, just enter name and address (optional) information for both employee and company, insurance number, pay amount and if you have any special tax requirements then our software will calculate the payroll deductions and create payslips or P60.



Layouts can be a simple pay matched amount showing pay and deductions for tax and national insurance. This can be calculated from either Gross salary or reverse calculated from Net pay if only the take home amount is available.


Alternatively build detailed payslips that include options such as hours (or days) worked, pay rate, bonus, commission, sickness or maternity, expenses, and extra deductions for pensions (EE/ER), healthcare and student loan.


Most popular styles are supported including tear open mailer security style P60 forms or payslips. Printed documents are laser printed on genuine payroll stationery to match the electronic copies sent by email.



If you need to make pay amendments later

When you receive your documents you might realise you made an error, input an incorrect address, wrong pay date or amount, etc. You can easily fix any issue by re-entering details using the ‘admin’ voucher code which lets you re-create items without further payment. We’re working on previewing the document in your browser with the option to edit, download, or order prints which should be live soon.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We have incrementally streamlined our document system over many years and have had great feedback from many satisfied clients, and know how well it works... but you don't!


That's why we let your try a free sample document, and offer our customer satisfaction 'No Questions Asked' money-back guarantee.


If you're not entirely happy with your replacement payslips or P60 certificate we will immediately refund your purchase.

Document approval assured

More organisations are now happy to use your electronic documents as proof of income but if you have been asked for printed documents they can be difficult to get from the employer. We use genuine payroll stationery to re-create your pay summaries so you can successfully include with your application.


What you need to create your replacement payslips or P60 forms

If you only require a standard payslip format the information could not be easier; the name and optional address for both the employee and company, dates, national insurance number and salary. The system will calculate deductions for tax and national insurance, and can reverse calculate if you only know the take home pay amount.


If requirements are more detailed, options can include hours or days worked, rates of pay, salary, bonus, commission, expenses, maternity or sick pay. Additional deductions include pension contributions (EE & ER), student loan and healthcare. You build the level of detail you need.


Some common questions when making payslips and P60


Do I place an order for each one?

If ordering payslips select the style you want and then you can select the quantity you need. So lets say you are paid monthly and want the last 3 month wage slips, choose 3 from the quantity selection. You would enter pay specifics for each date a little further down.


Do they have to be the same amount?

Your pay is usually the same if paid an annual fixed salary, but if paid by the hour, day, or receive any extra pay in the form of a bonus or commission your pay would vary. You set what is needed for each pay date and can be completely different. All calculations will be added to the previous payslip so the year to date figures continue until the payroll year end.



Find out why so many people create documents with us


Easy and convenient You can get copy documents in just minutes with only simple pay information Highly competitive prices We leverage our technology to bring you documents of highest quality at low cost with no hidden fees.Data privacy is paramount Pay details are securely encrypted while creating payslips or a P60 and deleted once your PDF has been created.Free sample documents We know our platform is accurate and easy to use and let customers try free and without risk.Genuine payroll stationery Copies of all pay forms are held in stock for pay years 2009 to current for authentic documents.Money back guarantee If for any reason our customer is not 100% satisfied with their documents, we promptly refund purchase no questions asked.


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