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Link to a video of a quick walk through how to order payslips

A quick walk through showing how simple it is to order payslips

Link to video about using advanced options for greater control

Advanced options for greater control. Most people don't need this but it's there if you do.

Link to video of how to order a P60 document

How to order a P60

Top FAQ's


How to order multiple payslips.

Submit your details. Once you enter your first payslip date and amount buttons will show (below date) to add or delete. Each date can show different amounts.


I’m not sure of my year to date to carry forward.

The pay year starts Apr 6th so we’re counting pay received since then. If pay is always roughly the same it does not matter. Our system will use the same figures to work out YTD. Otherwise order all payslips since April or create a free sample order which will show YTD figures. Then order what you need.




Reference notes


We will usually display data how you enter it. As an example if you use all capital letters in the name we will too. Although we do correct any obvious errors.


Employee ID - This is optional as not all companies use this. It might be called your Work ID, Employee Number or something similar. Some payslip styles have limited space so only the first 10 digits will show.


Names & Addresses - Be careful to enter data how you would expect it to display. Although required for a P60 the address is optional on payslips. Some styles have only limited space for the company address so it may appear shortened to fit.


NI Number - Enter it how you would like to see it on the document. There's no set standard but some people like to see it laid out as NH 00 00 00 F for others NH000000F would be fine.


Tax Code - A common problem is entering the wrong code. Usually people enter a code from a previous year. It's likely your tax code would change for a new tax year starting Apr 6th. If unsure leave empty and we use the standard tax code based on the payslip date.


Tax Region - Scotland has been setting their own tax calculations for the past few years. It's important to set this option if you live in Scotland so we use the correct pay tables. Your tax code will be prefixed with the letter S to indicate this.


PAYE Ref - This is the unique company identifier for correspondence with HMRC. All employees of the company would have the same PAYE ref unlike their own NI number or Work ID.


Standard & Advanced Options - Most people don't need to use advanced. We offer for clients who require greater detail or wish to copy data from electronic payslips and get printed copies. Standard lets you match gross or net pay and includes student loan, workplace pension and employer NI contributions that we calculate. Advanced allows you to provide your own figures and build detailed calculations that include hours & rate, bonus, commission, expenses and more.


Email Only Shipping - If you don't need the printed copies we automatically apply a 50% discount to your order.


Voucher Code - If you made an error on your order you can correct it without charge using a voucher code.


Email & Delivery Address - Very important to enter correctly to ensure documents arrive swiftly.










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