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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get Replacement Documents? - Yes. As long as you know your pay information we can recreate your payslips on a stationery style of your choice.


When Will They Arrive? - We're really quick. The email copy is usually within 30 minutes during office hours. Posted items are shipped First Class up until 3pm, most of the time they arrive the following day.


How Much Do You Charge? - Printed payslips cost from £1.50 each depending on the quantity you need. P60's from £30.00

Blank stationery is sold in packs. See Prices for more information.


Do You Check With My Employer? - No. I'm sorry we can't do that. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information. Our calculations will be correct based on the data you supply.


I Need Multiple payslips do I place an order for each one? - No. Just add all extra information such as multiple dates & amounts in the extra comments box.


What are they printed on? - All Payslips & P60 documents are laser printed on the correct payroll stationery as used by most employers.


What Will My Documents Look Like? - We provide the very popular 'Sage' & 'Prime' range of payslips in a choice of styles. P60 documents are HMRC approved formats from the leading software providers.


What is a P60 Certificate? - This is your year end summary which is issued by your employer in April each year, covering the period 6th April (previous year) to 5th April of current year. Your employer will either provide you with a printed P60 form, or more commonly now an electronic summary via email.


I Don't Know My Tax Code? - You can find it on your employer payslip, P60 or P45 document. You usually know if you are paying 'special' tax as you will have had a letter from HMRC advising you paid too much, or too little. Unless you advise otherwise, we use standard tax codes & allowances for the pay year.


I Get Electronic Payslips & P60 Can You Print Them? - Yes, you can forward copies and we will transfer them to a printed style of your choice.


I Receive Different Pay Amounts Each Month, How Do I Order Those? - There is an extra comments box when you enter your employer information, just ad the multiple dates & pay amount, or anything else there.


Can You Check The Information Is Correct With My Employer or HMRC? - Regrettably No. We will ensure all calculations are correct based on the information you provide but we can not double check with the Company or HMRC.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept? - We use Paypal as a payment processor and have an option just to pay by card on the payment page without setting up a PayPal account.


Can I Order Over The Phone? - To avoid errors we need you to submit the details online or forward payslip copies from your employer which ensures names, amounts and  spelling are all correct.


Will I Receive Real Pay Documents? - Yes. We use popular stationery from the major software providers, and HMRC approved P60 forms. You will also receive an email copy generated from our software system.


Can You Post International? - Yes we can send to any location although we can't guarantee when it will arrive. We regularly post to Spain, France, Australia and USA which take about 3-5 days to arrive.


Can You Provide Payslips For Earnings In Other Countries? - At this time we only produce replacement pay slips / p60's for individuals who are subject to UK tax laws.


Where Can I Find My PAYE Reference? - You can find this from your employer or from last P60 ( If it is Same Employer). The first part of the reference is three digits and this is the tax office number , eg 123. The second part of the reference comes after the forward slash and is tax office employer reference, eg A246


Will My Documents Say They Are Replacements? - No, not unless you ask us to add that information.


I Have Not Yet Received My Email? - Check your ‘junk’ filter it may be there. Then check the email address used on your order correct (you should have received a copy of your order details from our system when you placed the order). If all OK it is possible your payment has not yet cleared, as soon as it does we will process quickly.





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